Good Company

I woke up super motivated to run and workout this morning. My younger cousin is heavy into band, soccer, and basketball and she asked me to run with her. We ran a mile and a half then walked half a mile to complete two miles... at a pretty vigorous speed. A run and a workout is normal for me when I'm home, but there's just something about the southern atmosphere and family. I would advise everyone, if they don't already, set a date to do something with your family at least once a week. Doesn't matter if it's the north or the south. Just as long as family or close friends are involved. They keep you vibrant, young, and motivated to keep going and chasing after your dreams. Good company is so necessary in this world. Especially because so much darkness runs rampant. Keep those around you that will remind you of the light within it.... through a smile, a laugh, an encouraging word, or a simple quiet run. Just do it! 


editorClarissa Cutts