Terminal Thoughts: Take Off!

As I sat on the plane awaiting take off, I peered out the window with anxiousness and excitement. Anytime I have a chance to travel or get away, I am always excited. But then I thought to myself, I should carry this excitement and level of expectation for great things to happen every day that I'm alive. Jesus said He came that we may have Life and life more abundantly {John 10:10}. A plane ride, a business trip, a family reunion, or whatever else shouldn't be the only time you have a special dispensation about your day. Await excitedly and happily every day while you watch your day unfold. Expect great things and good times to happen regardless of the scenery or company. Live,  don't just exist. Every day we should Take Off! Live life in flight. Soaring high in thoughts, emotions, and abundance! 


editorClarissa Cutts