I was prompted to share some hair-care insights because I am often asked about who does my hair, how do I care for my hair, and how long I've had my locs.  Plenty of other questions are asked too but they're quite ridiculous honestly lol.  

So this past March made a full 2 years and the growth has been amazing.  My loctician, stylist, hair gawd... all that has started and cared for my locs is Aishah.  I was a nerd with her at Latin Academy for a few years and even then she was doing hair.  I would often see her braiding someone's hair in the hallways or the cafe in between classes or breaks that we had there (not many and not for long but enough to get the job done).  She started and cares for her own locs as well as plenty of others around the city of Boston.  People from out of town even come to get blessed by her!  She now has her own shop located in the Mattapan area called HAIRmeout Studios and she maintains great professionalism and she never leaves you disappointed.  She has a licensed massage therapist as well.  Her shop is pretty much becoming the jack of all trades... one stop shop!  I really dig it!

She also created her own hair oil called HairFit.  I like to call it hair crack lol.  It has plenty of great nutrients for your hair and one bottle lasts a while.  Her prices are very reasonable and you're never left waiting around if you have a scheduled appointment.  I've placed the links to her sites at the end of this post for your convenience!  You're welcome!

Aside from the major hair-care, there's a part that I do to care for my hair as well and they're simple concepts listed below:


I always keep my hair protected when I sleep.  I never go to sleep without my scarf (silk/satin) and/or bonnet on.  Even if it's just a nap and if I do, JayR is sure to wake me up to put it on lol.  He's the real MVP! 

  • This keeps my edges protected and laid, preserves my style, and prevents my hair from being pulled out.  Oh and get you a man that cares about your hair-care as much as he cares about you lol.  It's a God send! 


I make sure to keep my hair moisturized regularly.

  • I oil my scalp as well as my locs individually every 2 to 3 days.  I live in Boston and our weather can be brutal.  Keeping my hair hydrated helps with the flourish even in the colder months.  Oh!  I use the HairFit... faithfully!  It's infused with coconut oil that stimulates hair growth, peppermint oil that helps eliminate dry and/or itchy scalp, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil that work together to give my locs shine and castor oil and grapeseed oil that help with strengthening weak areas.  To top it all off... it smells bomb! 


I am very conscious to eat green vegetables, drink a lot of water, and stay away from excessive amounts of foods that will harm my hair and skin.  And exercise!  It helps with blood flow truthfully! 

  • Most people do not realize that what you put in your body (your daily diet) often times shows in your hair, skin, and nails.  Green vegetables help with natural shine and water helps with hydration and growth.  


Don't re-twist too often! 

  • I usually get my locs re-twisted every 4 to 6 weeks.  This prevents thinning from too much manipulation (re-twist and styling).  Now if you have free-form locs this probably doesn't apply to you but those of us with traditional locs or even some sizes of sisterlocs, this is very vital for the care of our locs.  


Finally... I am patient with my locs and never compare them to anyone else! 

  • Probably doesn't seem like something that needs to be listed or said but it is.  It's so important to be patient with the growth and maturation of your locs.  This keeps the stress levels down which also can have an effect on your hair.  And I know and understand that if I don't have two identical locs on my head then there's no way that my locs or loc journey will be like anyone else.  GLORY is one of a kind.  She's special so I treat her that way.  Believe it or not, your hair responds to that.  

I don't do anything that's super difficult or even super exclusive to care for my locs.  I just love them, I'm consistent and careful about who touches and cares for them, and I allow them the freedom to shape and flourish the way they want and need to.  Hope this helps!  

Oh and as for the ridiculous questions that are often asked...  yes my locs are real, no I don't take them out and put them back in every day, and yes I wash them... regularly! 😊

Click here to check out Aishah's Instagram page to check out more of her work, events and her StyleSeat to book your appointment today!

What are some of your natural hair care secrets?  Share in the comments below!