Fitness has and will always be a big part of who I am.  Growing up, although I did not talk much, I was always very physically active.  I took a liking to reading, writing, music, and sports almost immediately.  I skate-boarded, I roller-bladed, I ran, jumped, hopped, and skipped lol.  The only time I was still was when I was reading and writing.  My mom always encouraged me to try whatever sport I wanted as long as I wasn't going to be severely hurt because I was very small and skinny... but I was fast!  So I told her, they'd have to catch me first.  

When I was in elementary, I first learned how to roller-skate.  My mother actually cannot skate but she brought me down to Chez Vous anyhow and we fell over and over again until I learned.  One of the instructors took me to learn and my mother "skated" her way off the floor to watch.  From that day, I wanted to go to whatever session I could just to skate.  Around the same time, my mother put me in swimming lessons because she is a firm believer that more black kids should know how to swim.  Interestingly enough, my youngest brother is learning how to swim this summer.  Much later than me, but better late than never.  Anyway, I swam competitively for about 4 years specializing in the backstroke and being one of two girls on the team.  Then I made the hard choice to make basketball my main sport because of the time conflict.  Sadly, I never loved basketball as much as I loved swim but I loved it nonetheless.

I played all throughout middle school, high school, competed in some of the most elite national AAU tournaments, and played in college as well.  But once college was over, the seriousness and competitive spirit I once had left.  However, I still wanted to be around it, so I was always spectating at a gym, I coached junior college for about 2 years, and now I am just a gym-rat that is always working out, randomly participating in adult neighborhood leagues, and possibly looking into skill and development because the game needs to be taught more.

Going from being a full time athlete to being a full time working female in Corporate America is a major switch.  But my gym time keeps me balanced.  Therefore, physical fitness in any form is a great outlet for me.

However, I understand that the gym isn't everyone's forte... So what is your physical fitness outlet?  There's something that a good fit (no pun intended) for everyone and I'd love to try some new things.  Share in the comments below!