Locs ARE...

I find it rather interesting that when people do not understand something or when they do not have the courage to do something that society considers different, they bash it or create false ideologies based off of one situation they have witnessed or strictly off of their feelings alone.  That is never good for anyone.  It causes us to become (or remain) closed minded therefore we cannot grow and we also can develop some prejudices along the way.  A vast amount of people have done this in regards to locs, dreadlocks, dreads, or whatever they decide to call them.  I prefer to call mine locs as I spoke about in one of my earlier posts that is titled My Hair Isn't Dreadful.  People have all these preconceived notions, especially those that do not have locs themselves, that locs are unprofessional, dirty, they cannot be tamed, and that they are ugly.  Please understand that all of that is untrue but if you let certain types of society tell it, they can be rather convincing.

I remember in college I wanted to loc my hair but because I knew it was not going to be accepted in my parents house, I decided against it.  That is a whole story within itself but I will refrain from telling it... for now at least.  But lets just say that they have had a change of heart... plus neither me nor my sister (who also has locs) live there anyhow lol.  But in college I used to talk to one of my friends, that actually was loc'n her hair, that I wanted to do so as well despite the negative views that people had on them.  But given the circumstances I lived vicariously through her for that time.  The upside of it all was that going into my own loc journey, I had a lot of knowledge about what to do, what to use, and even somewhat what to expect... such as peoples comments, glares, and ignorance that is attached to both those things.  And since more often than not we hear about what locs aren't, I am here to share what locs ARE!

Locs ARE: Beautiful!

Locs are often viewed as ugly or unkempt... but that could not be further from truth.  Locs are beautiful in every aspect of the word.  They are unique because each loc is shaped differently than the others.  No two people have identical looking locs even if they are styled the same.  They can be styled and jeweled subtly or heavily and when it is properly done, they can be colored to be bolder.  The beauty in locs lies entirely with the individual that they belong to.  The courage to rock locs regardless of what is said about them is beautiful in and of itself.

Locs ARE: Natural!

It is not true in every case but I have noticed that a lot of times locs aren't seen as natural hair.  There are what we call loc'd naturals as well as loose naturals.  I was team loose natural for a couple years before I transitioned to team loc'd natural.  Both are a matter of preference but both forms are TEAM NATURAL! 

Locs ARE: Professional!

Contrary to popular belief, locs ARE professional.  There are plenty ways to keep them neat and maintained for the "Corporate America" setting.  I work in what is considered to be that setting and not once have I heard anyone say that my hair was inappropriate for the workplace.  I do generally keep mine neat, clean, and loved (yes the love matters because it helps the flourish).  Locs can be worn up, down, and in neat buns to compliment the different types of attire that people have in their social, political, and career settings.  So if anyone tells you they are unprofessional, tell them their comment was unprofessional and to do their research properly.  Tuh!

Locs ARE: Glorious!

Generally speaking I consider my locs to be glorious because I understand that the glory of the woman is her hair (that's what my Bible tells me) and also the definition for glorious is *delightful, wonderful; completely enjoyable; brilliantly beautiful or magnificent; splendid*.  And they are nothing short of any of these definitions.  My loc journey has been and still is wonderful and completely enjoyable regardless what stage they are in because it gives me a sense of self and understanding.  I have a better understanding of not only what my hair needs but what my body needs because it shows in my hair.  So if you are in the beginning stages or currently deciding whether becoming a loc'd natural is for you, understand and know that you will become more aware of not only how delightful your natural hair is, but how brilliant and beautiful you already are... male and female!

Locs ARE: Bold!

This will sound or seem rather cliche because if you are a follower of loc'd natural hair care, you often hear that some loc'd naturals gained courage or some sort of wisdom because of their loc journey.  This isn't specific to just loc'd naturals though.  Loose naturals often feel the same way.  Something about doing away with perms and/or weaves seems kind of freeing in a sense.  It is like you become totally you and you can live out loud as boldly and as freely as you want.  Because of the many transitions, you are somewhat forced to deal with all of you... hair included lol!  Not only that, naturals tend to stand out a lot more in society nowadays.  I'll let you ponder as to why.

Locs ARE: Manageable!

I have very little difficulty managing my locs.  Even when I need a wash and re-twist, I don't have difficulty getting it up into a neat ponytail or getting them to lay a certain way until I can get them done.  Hats are a God send some days when you don't feel like doing anything to them at all.  If my roots are sweated out or grown out, I can brush them up or back into a high or sleek ponytail for work and still look professional and neat.  I get my locs re-twisted every 4 to 6 weeks to keep them shaped, healthy, and cute.  I make sure to go to the same person each time and I keep my hands out of it as much as possible.  I also am sure not to oil it too much so that it does not cause a lot of build up which can cause natural hair to be harder to manage.  With the proper care, natural hair, locs especially, can be very manageable. 

Locs ARE: A Choice!

Lastly, I chose to loc my hair.  I understood all the stigmas that came with it but I also knew I wanted to educate people on how those stigmas are untrue.  Just like it is a choice for some to color their hair bleach blonde when they are a brunette, it is my choice to wear my hair in its most natural form.  Be confident and sure in the choice that you have made or will make when it comes to your hair or anything in your life.  It is your truth and ultimately your decision.  Let them talk or gawk... whether you fit in or stand out, they're going to do so anyway.

But one thing I do agree with is that locs AREN'T grown in a day... they take time and patience.  And by the way, I have traditional locs but sisterlocks and free-form locs are dope too!  Cuz whether you are a loc'd natural or a loose natural, all natural is dope!  So tell me... what ARE Locs to you?  Comment below!

worDNerd Out!!!