UTX Success!

I have a newfound love for networking events.  Normally I can be a bit of a homebody, even if it's for the benefit of my own business and social endeavors, but I have experienced some really good events that have helped me connect with other like-minded individuals.  That is always pleasant.  Plus, I also got to meet some people that are good at things that I had never tried and have experienced things that I have never experienced.  It's good to meet people with so much wisdom and wealth yet they are still very personable and down to earth.  This past weekend my business partners and I held an event called the Ultimate Tasting Xperience!  It consisted of tutorials on how to create different types of weight management snacks and regimens for a healthier lifestyle.  It also consisted of expansion of networks and how to create other streams of income in this economy.  Below are some pictures and videos to give you a glimpse of what it was like!  I cannot wait until the next event.  Follow the JayR and Riss Cafe' Bliss Facebook page for updates.  It is sure to keep you posted!

worDNerd Out!!!