The Shack

I am an avid reader. I read all types of books. Some I have gravitated away from because I've lost interest in the particular genre but naturally that means I've replaced it with another genre. I read fiction and non-fiction. Whatever I can get my hands on, I will read it. And I always make sure to finish it even if it's not very interesting.  

A few years ago, my mother in law gave me a book to read that she absolutely declared I would love... and she was absolutely right. This book, The Shack by WM Paul Young is probably my favorite book I've read to date. Although it is fiction, it's as real as it gets! The Shack is about a man that has a struggling relationship with God and then suffers a great tragedy... he loses his daughter.  So naturally, his already wavering relationship with God was even more strained. Because of this, God appeared to him in a special way --as the Trinity but in a way that happens to be very controversial to conservative Christians.  He appears as a woman. 

There was a specific reason that He appeared to the main character Mack in this way which can be further explained if you read the book for yourself and I strongly suggest you do.  Whether you are religious or not, it will break up a lot of the ideologies about what you believe, who you are, and how to triumph even when you can't find hope in anything at all. 

I am a firm believer that certain books should be read more than once over the course of either a few months or a year or two.  Your mindset has changed, maybe not drastically, but growth has certainly taken place so the way you perceive what you're reading will most certainly be different. I read this book twice and I didn't even realize that I missed a few things the first time I read it.  

They have recently debuted a movie based off this book and it was really good. But I still think that reading the book is better.  There are very few books that you EXPERIENCE.  Some books are just something you read and can give a brief synopsis on and never look back. But not The Shack!  This book takes you on a journey with words.  And naturally since I'm a worDNerd, I LOVE this especially!  I'd love for anyone I know to read this book and express their experience to me. It's just that good. Profound even! 

worDNerd Out!!!