Learning Curve: 3 Major Things I've Learned Through My Necessary Mistakes As A Newbie Blogger!

So it's been a just over two months of the start of me blogging and I still love every moment of it.  Anytime I can get time, I write or I edit my blog. I enjoy the content that I write, the pictures that I take, and the freedom to allow my creative juices to flow however and whichever they want. 

Per usual, with anything new... there's always something that you wish you would have known beforehand.  Although this is the case, in my situation it wasn't remotely close to being a catastrophe for me.  However, there were a couple of things I learned along the way and/or came to a major realization about.  Following, I will share 3 major things I learned just over the coarse of the past couple of months. 


Firstly, the host site you decide to use plays a huge part in fulfilling the vision you may or may not have had for your blog.  When I originally started, I began with Squarespace.  Great site, I love it.  However, then I decided to go with another site and it just was not at all what I thought it would be.  So naturally I became frustrated because of the money I had already spent was in a sense wasted.  But I figured out a way to link them together so that Squarespace could once again be my website builder for my blog platform.  Whew!


Secondly, your domain name also is kind of a big deal when it comes to this blog life.  When I first started out, I had the domain that is free with the website builder.  But it began to bother me because of how it sounded and how long it appeared to be.  So I purchased my own domain which wasn't so costly.  But because I purchased it with the other site rather than Squarespace, I couldn't transfer it over immediately.  I had to wait 60 days, which is pretty standard from what I've read.  Until my domain was released, I had to use the default domain that Squarespace offers.  This irked my nerves heavily.  But fortunately, it did not slow down my sites traffic.  But now I have a domain name that is easy to remember and more professional looking... and it's good for two whole years!  Great!


Third, make your blog your own... because that's just what it is.  Sometimes, we get so caught up with the designs of other bloggers sites that we feel we need to measure up.  Nope, not at all.  Comparison is the thief of joy.  So trust me when I say that if you compare your progress, your content, and your blog (your baby) to another's, you will lose sight of what you started for and the joy of blogging will eventually fade away.  

Overall, the money I INVESTED in my blog was necessary but I've realized haste can cause you to miss a better deal.  The time spent and the effort put forth will all pay off eventually and sometimes messing up is a good thing.  My mistakes gave me extra content and added to the character and development of my blog.  It can be a bumpy ride, even early on, but I'm enjoying it and learning along the way.  I hope this helps future newbies or other current newbies (whether bloggers, vloggers, new business owners, etc.) such as myself... cuz it sure helped me. 

worDNerd Out!!!