My hair isn't DREADful!

So here's the thing... I absolutely love my hair.  I always have and I always will.  No matter the length or the form.  As long as it is healthy and flourishing, I am perfectly happy with my hair.  I have always been a huge stickler for my hair maintenance.  I remember being so frustrated because basketball used to cause my hair to end up in its worst state because of the constant sweating and manipulation certain times of the year.  Protective styles can be a bit much at times but great for certain textures of hair. But when you are miles away from home and you do not trust anyone to do your hair other than the ones that have always done your hair, it can be rather catastrophic for its care.  But that is very much beside the point!

I have recently loc'd my hair this past year and of course I love it! I shared that in my "Meet Glory" post.  However, there are so many people that just do not understand the negative stigma that has been attached to loc art.  Yes, I do consider it to be an art form.  My hair is art... black girl magic art to be precise!  Anyway... many people, no matter the race or creed think that locs are dirty, unkempt, and/or inappropriate for certain workplaces and/or lifestyles.  They often assume that if you have locs that you smoke hella weed and you practice the lifestyle of Rastafari.  There are other stereotypes attached to this, but I am not even going to get all deep into the concepts and beliefs of Rasta's because that is not the basis of the point I want to get across. 

Notice how I have never addressed my locs as anything other than "Glory" or locs.  Why? Because there simply isn't anything DREADful about my hair, so I never address it as such.  Now, I am aware that some people do not know any better than to call locs dreads because it is the most common name for them because of the history of them on many DREADful internet sources. 

Locs were called dreadlocks and that was perfectly fine until people added falsities to the concepts of the hairstyle.  Some viewed blacks wanting to wear their hair in its NATURAL FORM as a dreadful statement.  However, even that is a bit controversial because it was also a source of your strength and energy.  So "naturally" they wanted to make it seem frowned upon so the strength and confidence of being un-apologetically you would be broken.  Just think about Samson from the Bible... he had super strength until his locks of hair were cut off by his straight trippy lady smh lol.  Now obviously, there's much more to this but once again... explaining all this into great detail is not my point right now.  I will save that for another post!

My point is this... There is nothing DREADful about my hair... so please do not address it as such.  I know that "dread" can also mean to "fear", which once again is another post in and of itself because the word fear is actually for reverence in this case; its not actually about being afraid -- but of course, people fear what they do not understand.  But I want to help you understand that... I do not like for my hair to be addressed as dreads and many others with locs feel the same way... so just to be on the safe side and for the sake of not offending the wrong locQueen or locKING, just use the term "loc".  It is greatly appreciated. ;-)

worDNerd Out!!!