Meet Glory!

Throughout my entire life, I've always had a head full of ultra thick curly hair that I hated to sit down to get done. I'm tender head and even the parting is painful for me lol. No exaggeration. But nonetheless... ball player or not, tomboy or not, swimmer or not, I had to keep my hair done. I didn't like to go out looking unpresentable. After all... I'm still a girl. Lol.  

When my mom used to do my hair, she would always keep it braided up into a ponytail or in a bunch of little single braids with wooden beads all over my head. Side note: I don't think mothers realize how uncomfortable it is to TRY to sleep with those bead in your head. Cute by day, torture by night lol. Personally, I think my mom put them in my head so that she could hear me coming or running around lol. Keeping an eye on me without actually having to stare at me directly. Mothers are clever haha! 

Then later, as my hair continued to grow uncontrollably, she got tired of dealing with it herself so she sent me to the hair salon. I hated this place. The combs were hot, the seats were hot, you name it. But she always had my hair laid! Can't front. Then they decided to send my hair on a relaxed journey... smh. It was cool for a while. But then it started to thin my hair out. My hair still grew but I was losing volume (thickness) and I couldn't deal with it anymore. By this time, I'm in college and I'm ready to just go back to braids and natural styles. So I did! (Huge time hop... I know lol).


I started to just keep my hair braided up or in natural updo styles for the most part because I played a lot of basketball and that meant I would sweat my hair out. And because I had to still look presentable for work, this was the safest thing to do while I allowed my hair to transition back to its natural form. And believe me, the up-dos, the sew-ins, the braids, they were all fun but they were so strenuous at times. I would spend hours in a salon to have a sew-in installed. I would spend hours at night to re-twist my hair just to wake up to a mediocre twist out or whatever you want to call the result of my twisting hahaha. Disastrous is what I will call it lol. 

So naturally, I am wrecking my brain about what would be the next and best hair decision for me. It was between locs and a style cut. I went back and forth in my mind about this for at least a year. Finally... with a good nudge from JayR... I decided to loc my hair... on National Pi day! Lol. It was the day before we left for our anniversary vacation to Aruba so it was perfect for water activities and easy to just get up and go.  

Fast forward to a year into my loc journey and I just cant imagine my hair any other way.  I mean maybe much later down the line I will chop all my hair off to give myself a sophisticated look for my 40s or 50s, but right now... the best hair decision I have made to date is loc'n my hair. 

Glory (that's what I call my hair... since its all mine) is healthy, beautiful, and flourishing. I thought that it would be a problem within my workplace but they seem to love her just as much as I do lol!  With that said... like Solange said, Don't Touch My Hair!  Sometimes my co-workers need to be reminded!

Over time, I will be sure to share what I do to keep my locs moisturized, neat, and flourishing! Stay tuned!

worDNerd Out!!!

"But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering." -1 Corinthians 11:15 KJV