A Complicated Valentine's Day

A lot of people that are single seem to hate Valentine's Day. Personally, I've been single plenty V-Day's... trust me... it's really not that bad. I spent those times alone to enjoy the company of myself. I spent those times to spoil and pamper myself since I, at the moment, didn't have a significant other to do those things with. I also spent those times showering my friends and family with love and appreciation. I didn't need a man for that. I just needed LOVE for that.

However, I am married now (coming up on 5 years whoop whoop!) and this year we may have had the simplest yet the most enjoyable Valentine's Day to date! Most people in relationships fuss and fight about whether they should go out or how much money is spent for this particular day in America. Couples spend more time complaining than celebrating and some even place a price on the love to further validate it. (Disclaimer: There's nothing wrong with going out and treating your significant other, but V-Day need not to be the end all be all). So JayR and I decided to embark upon a simple yet romantic dinner INSIDE. Yes, inside! We didn't go out and wait in lines or make reservations for restaurants to just give our table away to the highest bidder that walked in. Instead, we just enjoyed the company of each other, ate good... no... ate GREAT food, listened to some tunes and chatted. The rest is history lol. Love made simple is a love considered complicated for the simple minded folk. Ironic, huh? Lol.

For many, Valentine's Day is bittersweet. Mainly because of the misconception of who can and cannot participate in it. Valentine's Day, simply put, is a day to show and celebrate love. Whether it be a romantic love, a platonic love, or family love... Love is LOVE. Get the most out of it, show the best part of you to those you care about, and stop expecting it to be something so much more complex than what it actually is. In the famous words of Lauryn Hill, "it could all be so simple, but you'd rather make it hard..."
Word of advice... DONT!

#worDNerd Out!!!

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