So I made the decision to actually start doing something that I've always wanted to do... write. What better outlet to have than my own personal blog that allows me to tap into my inner journalist, right? Exactly! But for some reason or another, I found myself stuck.

I kept asking myself why is it is it so hard for me to write all of sudden? Why am I so hesitant to post the many drafts that I have sitting, waiting to be posted? Well here's the answer... as simple as I can put it... I've over-analyzed EVERYTHING!

Originally, when I decided to blog, it was just to be an outlet. But I, for some reason or another, dismissed the fact that people would read, watch, and/or critique just like any other public thing and how critical that could be for the success of my blog as well as my confidence. So what happened when I actually began to consider these things? My mind went into overdrive because instead of just writing (as I am now after midnight), I began to draft things up in my mind of what to write rather than just letting it all flow as I normally do.

Trying to be perfect for an audience that I haven't even gained yet, as well as I didn't concern myself with until others began to talk to me about it caused me to end up stuck! I got so caught up with production that I've had absolutely none lol. Irony at its finest! My over-analyzing caused "writers block". My overachiever ways caused procrastination. This could make or break my blog. But I've decided not to let it be a deal breaker.

Everyone that starts to do something new, especially if they've fallen in love with it --to remain in love with it, they should know what they started it for to begin with. So this is probably a post that I will refer back to from time to time to remind myself what I started this for in the first place... to remind myself that it's not all about the viewers, the likes, the comments, the amount of subscribers... but it's about me allowing the worDNerd to be free to share her perspective on the world.

worDNerd Out!!

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