A Thank You Letter To Myself

I gazed at a picture of you on your wedding day and thought, 
'You're beautiful.' 
Not the physical beauty that only blind eyes can see. 
Not beautiful because of the bedazzling dress and the makeup to enhance the alluring features of your smooth skin.
Beautiful because of all the strength that is within. 
Reflect deeply about the process and all that you endured.
You endured even when it was so hard to fight and had every reason to give up
When everyone seemed to have given up on you, you fought anyhow for the one thing you knew mattered, 
The heart of a man that God created to help you with what life had in store for you to further endure. 
So I thank you
I thank you for pushing beyond the pain and the heartache that your pro-creator was supposed to protect you from, yet caused. 
I thank you for not allowing it to be the final defeat in your life but the beginning of many victories to come. 
I thank you for not letting down the heart of another simply because yours was let down by someone who should have sheltered yours
Thank you for being selfless, bold, and courageous even in your moments of weakness;
Caring enough to blossom into the help meet created to assist another to fulfill his destiny,
Even when yours seemed to be a dead end.
Thank you.. for... Well, for being you!

-A Thank You Letter To Myself

lifestyle, editorClarissa Cutts