Locs ARE...

I find it rather interesting that when people do not understand something or when they do not have the courage to do something that society considers different, they bash it or create false ideologies based off of one situation they have witnessed or strictly off of their feelings alone.  That is never good for anyone.  It causes us to become (or remain) closed minded therefore we cannot grow and we also can develop some prejudices along the way.  A vast amount of people have done this in regards to locs, dreadlocks, dreads, or whatever they decide to call them.  I prefer to call mine locs as I spoke about in one of my earlier posts that is titled My Hair Isn't Dreadful.  People have all these preconceived notions, especially those that do not have locs themselves, that locs are unprofessional, dirty, they cannot be tamed, and that they are ugly.  Please understand that all of that is untrue but if you let certain types of society tell it, they can be rather convincing.

I remember in college I wanted to loc my hair but because I knew it was not going to be accepted in my parents house, I decided against it.  That is a whole story within itself but I will refrain from telling it... for now at least.  But lets just say that they have had a change of heart... plus neither me nor my sister (who also has locs) live there anyhow lol.  But in college I used to talk to one of my friends, that actually was loc'n her hair, that I wanted to do so as well despite the negative views that people had on them.  But given the circumstances I lived vicariously through her for that time.  The upside of it all was that going into my own loc journey, I had a lot of knowledge about what to do, what to use, and even somewhat what to expect... such as peoples comments, glares, and ignorance that is attached to both those things.  And since more often than not we hear about what locs aren't, I am here to share what locs ARE!

Locs ARE: Beautiful!

Locs are often viewed as ugly or unkempt... but that could not be further from truth.  Locs are beautiful in every aspect of the word.  They are unique because each loc is shaped differently than the others.  No two people have identical looking locs even if they are styled the same.  They can be styled and jeweled subtly or heavily and when it is properly done, they can be colored to be bolder.  The beauty in locs lies entirely with the individual that they belong to.  The courage to rock locs regardless of what is said about them is beautiful in and of itself.

Locs ARE: Natural!

It is not true in every case but I have noticed that a lot of times locs aren't seen as natural hair.  There are what we call loc'd naturals as well as loose naturals.  I was team loose natural for a couple years before I transitioned to team loc'd natural.  Both are a matter of preference but both forms are TEAM NATURAL! 

Locs ARE: Professional!

Contrary to popular belief, locs ARE professional.  There are plenty ways to keep them neat and maintained for the "Corporate America" setting.  I work in what is considered to be that setting and not once have I heard anyone say that my hair was inappropriate for the workplace.  I do generally keep mine neat, clean, and loved (yes the love matters because it helps the flourish).  Locs can be worn up, down, and in neat buns to compliment the different types of attire that people have in their social, political, and career settings.  So if anyone tells you they are unprofessional, tell them their comment was unprofessional and to do their research properly.  Tuh!

Locs ARE: Glorious!

Generally speaking I consider my locs to be glorious because I understand that the glory of the woman is her hair (that's what my Bible tells me) and also the definition for glorious is *delightful, wonderful; completely enjoyable; brilliantly beautiful or magnificent; splendid*.  And they are nothing short of any of these definitions.  My loc journey has been and still is wonderful and completely enjoyable regardless what stage they are in because it gives me a sense of self and understanding.  I have a better understanding of not only what my hair needs but what my body needs because it shows in my hair.  So if you are in the beginning stages or currently deciding whether becoming a loc'd natural is for you, understand and know that you will become more aware of not only how delightful your natural hair is, but how brilliant and beautiful you already are... male and female!

Locs ARE: Bold!

This will sound or seem rather cliche because if you are a follower of loc'd natural hair care, you often hear that some loc'd naturals gained courage or some sort of wisdom because of their loc journey.  This isn't specific to just loc'd naturals though.  Loose naturals often feel the same way.  Something about doing away with perms and/or weaves seems kind of freeing in a sense.  It is like you become totally you and you can live out loud as boldly and as freely as you want.  Because of the many transitions, you are somewhat forced to deal with all of you... hair included lol!  Not only that, naturals tend to stand out a lot more in society nowadays.  I'll let you ponder as to why.

Locs ARE: Manageable!

I have very little difficulty managing my locs.  Even when I need a wash and re-twist, I don't have difficulty getting it up into a neat ponytail or getting them to lay a certain way until I can get them done.  Hats are a God send some days when you don't feel like doing anything to them at all.  If my roots are sweated out or grown out, I can brush them up or back into a high or sleek ponytail for work and still look professional and neat.  I get my locs re-twisted every 4 to 6 weeks to keep them shaped, healthy, and cute.  I make sure to go to the same person each time and I keep my hands out of it as much as possible.  I also am sure not to oil it too much so that it does not cause a lot of build up which can cause natural hair to be harder to manage.  With the proper care, natural hair, locs especially, can be very manageable. 

Locs ARE: A Choice!

Lastly, I chose to loc my hair.  I understood all the stigmas that came with it but I also knew I wanted to educate people on how those stigmas are untrue.  Just like it is a choice for some to color their hair bleach blonde when they are a brunette, it is my choice to wear my hair in its most natural form.  Be confident and sure in the choice that you have made or will make when it comes to your hair or anything in your life.  It is your truth and ultimately your decision.  Let them talk or gawk... whether you fit in or stand out, they're going to do so anyway.

But one thing I do agree with is that locs AREN'T grown in a day... they take time and patience.  And by the way, I have traditional locs but sisterlocks and free-form locs are dope too!  Cuz whether you are a loc'd natural or a loose natural, all natural is dope!  So tell me... what ARE Locs to you?  Comment below!

worDNerd Out!!!







It's been quite some time since I last wrote a post about GLORY.  I've posted plenty of pictures on Instagram of her growth and progress but I have severely neglected writing about it.  

I was prompted to share some hair-care insights because I am often asked about who does my hair, how do I care for my hair, and how long I've had my locs.  Plenty of other questions are asked too but they're quite ridiculous honestly lol.  

So I've been growing my locs for a little over a year. 18 months to be exact.  In March it will be a full 2 years and the growth has been amazing.  My loctician, stylist, hair god... all that has started and cared for my locs is Aishah.  I was a nerd with her at Latin Academy for a few years and even then she was doing hair.  I would often see her braiding someone's hair in the hallways or the cafe in between classes or breaks that we had there (not many and not for long but enough to get the job done).  She started and cares for her own locs as well as plenty of others around the city of Boston.  People from out of town even come to get blessed by her!  She now has her own shop located in the Mattapan area called HAIRmeout Studios and she maintains great professionalism and she never leaves you disappointed.  She has a licensed barber and licensed massage therapist as well.  Her shop is pretty much becoming the jack of all trades... one stop shop!  I really dig it!

She also created her own hair oil called HairFit.  I like to call it hair crack lol.  It has plenty of great nutrients for your hair and one bottle lasts a while.  Her prices are very reasonable and you're never left waiting around if you have a scheduled appointment.  I've placed the links to her sites at the end of this post for your convenience!  You're welcome!

Aside from the major hair-care, there's a part that I do to care for my hair as well and they're simple concepts listed below:


I always keep my hair protected when I sleep.  I never go to sleep without my scarf (silk/satin) and/or bonnet on.  Even if it's just a nap and if I do, JayR is sure to wake me up to put it on lol.  He's the real MVP! 

  • This keeps my edges protected and laid, preserves my style, and prevents my hair from being pulled out.  Oh and get you a man that cares about your hair-care as much as he cares about you lol.  It's a God send! 


I make sure to keep my hair moisturized regularly.

  • I oil my scalp as well as my locs individually every 2 to 3 days.  I live in Boston and our weather can be brutal.  Keeping my hair hydrated helps with the flourish even in the colder months.  Oh!  I use the HairFit... faithfully!  It's infused with coconut oil that stimulates hair growth, peppermint oil that helps eliminate dry and/or itchy scalp, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil that work together to give my locs shine and castor oil and grapeseed oil that help with strengthening weak areas.  To top it all off... it smells bomb! 


I am very conscious to eat green vegetables, drink a lot of water, and stay away from excessive amounts of foods that will harm my hair and skin.  And exercise!  It helps with blood flow truthfully! 

  • Most people do not realize that what you put in your body (your daily diet) often times shows in your hair, skin, and nails.  Green vegetables help with natural shine and water helps with hydration and growth.  


Don't re-twist too often! 

  • I usually get my locs re-twisted every 4 to 6 weeks.  This prevents thinning from too much manipulation (re-twist and styling).  Now if you have free-form locs this probably doesn't apply to you but those of us with traditional locs or even some sizes of sisterlocs, this is very vital for the care of our locs.  


Finally... I am patient with my locs and never compare them to anyone else! 

  • Probably doesn't seem like something that needs to be listed or said but it is.  It's so important to be patient with the growth and maturation of your locs.  This keeps the stress levels down which also can have an effect on your hair.  And I know and understand that if I don't have two identical locs on my head then there's no way that my locs or loc journey will be like anyone else.  GLORY is one of a kind.  She's special so I treat her that way.  Believe it or not, your hair responds to that.  

I don't do anything that's super difficult or even super exclusive to care for my locs.  I just love them, I'm consistent and careful about who touches and cares for them, and I allow them the freedom to shape and flourish the way they want and need to.  Hope this helps!   

Oh and as for the ridiculous questions that are often asked...  yes my locs are real, no I don't take them out and put them back in every day, and yes I wash them... regularly! 😊


Click here to check out Aishah's Instagram page to check out more of her work, events and her StyleSeat to book your appointment today!

worDNerd Out!!!  

My hair isn't DREADful!

So here's the thing... I absolutely love my hair.  I always have and I always will.  No matter the length or the form.  As long as it is healthy and flourishing, I am perfectly happy with my hair.  I have always been a huge stickler for my hair maintenance.  I remember being so frustrated because basketball used to cause my hair to end up in its worst state because of the constant sweating and manipulation certain times of the year.  Protective styles can be a bit much at times but great for certain textures of hair. But when you are miles away from home and you do not trust anyone to do your hair other than the ones that have always done your hair, it can be rather catastrophic for its care.  But that is very much beside the point!

I have recently loc'd my hair this past year and of course I love it! I shared that in my "Meet Glory" post.  However, there are so many people that just do not understand the negative stigma that has been attached to loc art.  Yes, I do consider it to be an art form.  My hair is art... black girl magic art to be precise!  Anyway... many people, no matter the race or creed think that locs are dirty, unkempt, and/or inappropriate for certain workplaces and/or lifestyles.  They often assume that if you have locs that you smoke hella weed and you practice the lifestyle of Rastafari.  There are other stereotypes attached to this, but I am not even going to get all deep into the concepts and beliefs of Rasta's because that is not the basis of the point I want to get across. 

Notice how I have never addressed my locs as anything other than "Glory" or locs.  Why? Because there simply isn't anything DREADful about my hair, so I never address it as such.  Now, I am aware that some people do not know any better than to call locs dreads because it is the most common name for them because of the history of them on many DREADful internet sources. 

Locs were called dreadlocks and that was perfectly fine until people added falsities to the concepts of the hairstyle.  Some viewed blacks wanting to wear their hair in its NATURAL FORM as a dreadful statement.  However, even that is a bit controversial because it was also a source of your strength and energy.  So "naturally" they wanted to make it seem frowned upon so the strength and confidence of being un-apologetically you would be broken.  Just think about Samson from the Bible... he had super strength until his locks of hair were cut off by his straight trippy lady smh lol.  Now obviously, there's much more to this but once again... explaining all this into great detail is not my point right now.  I will save that for another post!

My point is this... There is nothing DREADful about my hair... so please do not address it as such.  I know that "dread" can also mean to "fear", which once again is another post in and of itself because the word fear is actually for reverence in this case; its not actually about being afraid -- but of course, people fear what they do not understand.  But I want to help you understand that... I do not like for my hair to be addressed as dreads and many others with locs feel the same way... so just to be on the safe side and for the sake of not offending the wrong locQueen or locKING, just use the term "loc".  It is greatly appreciated. ;-)

worDNerd Out!!!

Meet Glory!

Throughout my entire life, I've always had a head full of ultra thick curly hair that I hated to sit down to get done. I'm tender head and even the parting is painful for me lol. No exaggeration. But nonetheless... ball player or not, tomboy or not, swimmer or not, I had to keep my hair done. I didn't like to go out looking unpresentable. After all... I'm still a girl. Lol.  

When my mom used to do my hair, she would always keep it braided up into a ponytail or in a bunch of little single braids with wooden beads all over my head. Side note: I don't think mothers realize how uncomfortable it is to TRY to sleep with those bead in your head. Cute by day, torture by night lol. Personally, I think my mom put them in my head so that she could hear me coming or running around lol. Keeping an eye on me without actually having to stare at me directly. Mothers are clever haha! 

Then later, as my hair continued to grow uncontrollably, she got tired of dealing with it herself so she sent me to the hair salon. I hated this place. The combs were hot, the seats were hot, you name it. But she always had my hair laid! Can't front. Then they decided to send my hair on a relaxed journey... smh. It was cool for a while. But then it started to thin my hair out. My hair still grew but I was losing volume (thickness) and I couldn't deal with it anymore. By this time, I'm in college and I'm ready to just go back to braids and natural styles. So I did! (Huge time hop... I know lol).


I started to just keep my hair braided up or in natural updo styles for the most part because I played a lot of basketball and that meant I would sweat my hair out. And because I had to still look presentable for work, this was the safest thing to do while I allowed my hair to transition back to its natural form. And believe me, the up-dos, the sew-ins, the braids, they were all fun but they were so strenuous at times. I would spend hours in a salon to have a sew-in installed. I would spend hours at night to re-twist my hair just to wake up to a mediocre twist out or whatever you want to call the result of my twisting hahaha. Disastrous is what I will call it lol. 

So naturally, I am wrecking my brain about what would be the next and best hair decision for me. It was between locs and a style cut. I went back and forth in my mind about this for at least a year. Finally... with a good nudge from JayR... I decided to loc my hair... on National Pi day! Lol. It was the day before we left for our anniversary vacation to Aruba so it was perfect for water activities and easy to just get up and go.  

Fast forward to a year into my loc journey and I just cant imagine my hair any other way.  I mean maybe much later down the line I will chop all my hair off to give myself a sophisticated look for my 40s or 50s, but right now... the best hair decision I have made to date is loc'n my hair. 

Glory (that's what I call my hair... since its all mine) is healthy, beautiful, and flourishing. I thought that it would be a problem within my workplace but they seem to love her just as much as I do lol!  With that said... like Solange said, Don't Touch My Hair!  Sometimes my co-workers need to be reminded!

Over time, I will be sure to share what I do to keep my locs moisturized, neat, and flourishing! Stay tuned!

worDNerd Out!!!

"But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering." -1 Corinthians 11:15 KJV

The Shack

I am an avid reader. I read all types of books. Some I have gravitated away from because I've lost interest in the particular genre but naturally that means I've replaced it with another genre. I read fiction and non-fiction. Whatever I can get my hands on, I will read it. And I always make sure to finish it even if it's not very interesting.  

A few years ago, my mother in law gave me a book to read that she absolutely declared I would love... and she was absolutely right. This book, The Shack by WM Paul Young is probably my favorite book I've read to date. Although it is fiction, it's as real as it gets! The Shack is about a man that has a struggling relationship with God and then suffers a great tragedy... he loses his daughter.  So naturally, his already wavering relationship with God was even more strained. Because of this, God appeared to him in a special way --as the Trinity but in a way that happens to be very controversial to conservative Christians.  He appears as a woman. 

There was a specific reason that He appeared to the main character Mack in this way which can be further explained if you read the book for yourself and I strongly suggest you do.  Whether you are religious or not, it will break up a lot of the ideologies about what you believe, who you are, and how to triumph even when you can't find hope in anything at all. 

I am a firm believer that certain books should be read more than once over the course of either a few months or a year or two.  Your mindset has changed, maybe not drastically, but growth has certainly taken place so the way you perceive what you're reading will most certainly be different. I read this book twice and I didn't even realize that I missed a few things the first time I read it.  

They have recently debuted a movie based off this book and it was really good. But I still think that reading the book is better.  There are very few books that you EXPERIENCE.  Some books are just something you read and can give a brief synopsis on and never look back. But not The Shack!  This book takes you on a journey with words.  And naturally since I'm a worDNerd, I LOVE this especially!  I'd love for anyone I know to read this book and express their experience to me. It's just that good. Profound even! 

worDNerd Out!!!